How to plan a trip

Ideas of how to develop a plan for an adventure cycle trip in Africa.

1.     Set out some goals for the trip.

Gives direction and feeling of accomplishment to trip.

2.     Set out a time to do the trip.

Seasonal weather conditions will add to the experience.

Gives time limit which will determine the distance that can be covered.

3.     Determine road types you would like to travel on.

Determines bicycle needed and training needed.

For example road bike will also be able to cover longer distances faster.

Off road gives freedom to get away from the traffic.

4.     Determine unsafe areas to travel.

Foreigners tend to land themselves in the wrong place and have bad experiences.

5.     Research other people experience in those areas.

For example wild animals, slum area or high crime areas.

6.     Google maps are quite helpful.

They give a view of what is happening on the ground.

7.     If you could get a contour map it would help.

The shortest route is not always the easiest.

8.     Determine what level of accommodation you would be using.

Camping gives freedom to go to areas where there is no accommodation.

Hotels and lodges can give relief from a third world environment, giving a chance to boost your moral. Helps to get cleaned up.

9.     Choice to travel solo or in a group.

Traveling solo gives freedom to change your plans.

Groups have to be well planned and not as flexible. However do give you safety in numbers.

10.    I like to use Lonely planet travel guide to help with some of the above.

11.    Internet can help to find accommodation, flights, trains and buses.

12.   Check up visa requirements.


After all said and done, do not waste time just get out and ride your bicycle.

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