Lake Malawi

Well this was a fast moving trip. The wheels of the bus pushed me deep into Africa. First leg was up to Lilongwe Malawi. The bus straight to Karonga did not run anymore so had to take one to Mzuzu. From there took a mini bus taxi to Karango. At one time there was 19 people plus bicycle and all their luggage. My back wheel was hanging by a string from the mirror on the back of the taxi. Then there was a rope with fish hanging from the two windscreen wipers.

First days ride took me down to Chitimba as planned. This camp is where all the overland  tour trucks stop. Have to go down a dirt road past a village gives the feel of Africa. Then you open the gate and there appears a beach sea side lodge. Nice camp sites with thatch roof. Clean ablutions and lovely Bar and restaurant area. Run by a nice friendly European Couple. Check out their web page at Chitimba camp(


 I will post some of the mile posts so you can get a small feeling.

This was climbing the hill up from Chitimba. Chitimba is at 400m above sea level and finished day at Mzuzu which is 1200m. Then need to add in the ups and downs between.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

This was the best place visited.Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Last days ride to Blantyre. Was up hill all the way. Felt like it was on the highest point in Malawi.

Will be posting costs so that it can be compared to budget. Also write a detailed distance and towns visited. Then will post some photos and post them under trips I have done.

If all goes to plan then this would make a good book to add to the previous years book.

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