Titan sport 29er size XL

Saturday 30/11/2013 I went to collect my new bicycle. A new Titan sport 29er size XL. Had my cleats moved over from my old Mongoose. Put some bar ends on. Moved cycle computer over. Mounted two bottle holders and my pump. By this time it was dusk and was fixed on taking it for its maiden voyage. Got geared up and took the photo.Digital Camera

Think I will have to call it the Titanic.  It was 14 km into the planed 35 km round trip when it started to get dark. So I was putting on my head lamp just as I hit a big rock at the start of the road works. I took a good roll, surprising just a few scratches on the back. I was going about 25km/h. The Titanic however got a puncture, saddle came loose and the chain came off. In the light once I got home it looks like it did not get any further damage. Will have to check the wheel alignment, to see there is no dent in the rim.

In the dark, patched two holes and knowing that they did not look like they were going to hold I turned back the way I had come, as it was the shortest route home. I had to stop three times to pump the wheel in the 14 km back home. Then there was the snake I nearly rode over and a porcupine that crossed the road in front of me.

When I was looking at the bicycle in the shop, I had said to Jimmy the owner, that I will have to change the tyres. I did not think they would hold out in Africa. Well, there you have it, on the maiden voyage they gave in. I would like to put Maxxis crossmark on. This is what I have on my Mongoose. They did Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Not even a puncture on that trip and back home the thorns have given them a good go (I live in the African Savanah, lots of thorn trees).

Anybody got some comments on the best tyre they have used?

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