Summer rains start

There was no late summer rains last summer. This lead up to a very dry winter with a shortage of grass for the cattle. Then the rain did not come. This is a very unpredictable area. We have had two dry years in a row. The average rainfall is 470 mm per year. However on a good year we get 900 mm and in a bad year we can get 250 mm. The rain came in on Friday. It was such a heavy down pour the lands got washed away and the bush wetland areas have water standing in ponds.


The rain was one month late and the cattle had calved and the cow were starting to get a little thin. We had to give them some extra feeding. Now it is Monday and the green grass shoots are starting to sprout. When the ground dries out a little more, then we can start planting. The planting team will have to work night and day to get the seeds into the ground before the window for planting passes.



I always love the rainy season. The clouds are amazing and the sunsets are out of this world. Then there are the migrant birds that come in for the breeding season. You cannot see it but there are White Faced duck out on this body of water.


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