Vulture restaurant

I have been establishing a vulture restaurant for the last year and a half. It took sometime to get colonies to frequent the restaurant. There were 1 to 10 that came frequently. The Marabou storks started to come when the first colony came.20150215_172842

I think what helped was a visit to Vulpro at the Hartabeespoort dam. They are a vulture conservation organization. They gave me a few tips on what vultures like and do not like. Even now the colony likes to come on hot days when they can use hot air thermals to take them long distances in search of food. When it is cold and cloudy I put out less for the vultures. So that the few vultures that come every day have something to feed on.


I have counted up to 85 Marabou storks and 60 yellow-billed kites on a day. The vultures are a little more timid and take to the air when you come close enough to count. There was a day when a vet counted about a hundred feeding and about 50 circling in the air.


Did you know there are only about 2400 white back vultures left in the world? That means if somebody puts poison on a carcass they could easily kill off one tenth of the population at one sitting. Scary thing to think.

My apology for the quality of the photos. A Samsung galaxy cannot zoom in close enough for photos of birds. I do hope you get a feeling of what I see on a daily basis.

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