malawi on my bicycle

I have tried to down load pictures from my cell. They do not want to go on my media file. I only have my samsung galaxy s4 active with me on my trip. So when I get home on 20th January I will post them. Well it has been a wonderfull trip so far. Only a few small deviations to trip plan.

Well crossing three African borders in less than 48 hours is a book on its own. I had a clean pass but other passengers had to pay bribes and import duties.

Bus and taxi rides in malawi is amazingly simple. Never the less to a person that gets around on their own car it can be a little nerve racking.

Took 4 days by bicycle, bus, train then 2 buses and finally a small high ace taxi to get to starting point.

Karongo malawi is a dusty town with more bicycles in it than I have ever seen in africa.

On to chitimba camp. Nice cheap get away on the beach. They have about 12000 visitors a year as the overland tour operators stop here.

Then on to mzuzu over the monster of a hill, rising more than 800 m. Not to mention the ups and downs along the way. I am now sleeping at Mzuzu after 130 km on this road. Temperatures rising to 43 at on time. I also met another couple from the Netherlands on the road. They had been on the road from Namibia then Zambia and now Malawi.  They had previously worked here so know people and the area.

Sorry for the poor typing but phone does not do it as well as a computer.  I will keep you up to date as best I can.

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