Bicycle repairs

Put bicycle in for major repairs. Put new cassettes,Bottom bracket, bearings on wheels and back disc brake pads. They went through the bike and tuned it. Did this because there has been all sorts of sounds coming from the bike. Every time I ride it feels like the bike is not going to make it.

Got it home and did a ride to see how it is going. First put my panniers on and put 3 litre water in it to get some weight training again. Bike went like a dream. By the end of the first 10 km dirt road it started to creek again. By the time I got home 77  km later it was not sounding so good. I am sure it must be the bottom bracket again. Looks like I will have to get an expensive bottom bracket. Need to be able to clean them and lube the bearings. Looks like these sealed bearings just cannot take dust. I did not even go in the water or rain, it was a dry ride.

Is there some advice from one of you followers? @mtbdiyshed says I should look at some stainless steel or titanium or platinum bearings.

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