Date to start Joberg to East London

Having done some organizing of my December holiday. I plan to set off from my house on 12 December 2014. Will be able to link up with anybody who wishes to join me along the road. I must be home by 28 December 2014. I am planning to catch the train back on the night of 26 December to be in Johannesburg by 27 December.

This gives 14 days to complete the trip. We will have to put some good kilometers in on the good roads to give us some time on the gravel roads and hilly sections.

20140914_165501See Life is coming back into the bush as Spring comes. This means it will be more pleasurable to do some training rides in the evening. Not much time left to get into shape. Remember if you are doing a long extended ride you do not have to do training before as you have time to strengthen up on the ride. However if you have to do 1200 km in two weeks there needs to be a level of fitness before starting. The fitter you are the more you will enjoy the ride. It will also give you more time to explore.

So leave a comment to this post if you can join me. On the other hand tweet me @kennyfagan.

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