Prepare for Joberg 2 East London

For those of us that do not have much time to do a long tour/safari that spans many months. We have to do some pre-training to help get in shape, to make the tour a enjoyable experience.

1) Need to put some kilometers in the saddle to harden the tender parts.
2)This will also strengthen the neck and shoulders.
3)Pack some weight on your bike so as to build strength.

Need to do the following also:
1)Get gear together.
2)Book train tickets.
3)Medical aid kits.
4)Clothes for riding.
5)Food plan.

Well hope you will join me.

2 thoughts on “Prepare for Joberg 2 East London

    • Have changed my mind on this trip. I will be riding the Trans-Afrika again this year. So will not have time to do trip to East London. However am now planning on trips for 2017. Was thinking of following the east coast of South Africa, sleeping on the beaches and enjoying some nice warm weather. This would make to some nice enjoyable riding. If you have any ideas or friends please let me know.


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