This is a hard core cyclist

Farm worker that rides thirty km per day on this iron frame bike. Note the big heavy duty pump sticking out of carrier. This is his most important piece of equipment. As the thorns in this area are one of his big challenges.

Other things in his carrier are:

5kg chicken pieces

Rain coat

Lunch box

Some other things. I did not want to be to nosey.

Have asked him before if he would think of riding a race. He said no, he is to slow. I say he must be tough. Sure he would do well on a long endurance ride. Give him a modern bike with a sponsor to keep it maintained and he would show us a thing or two.

His biggest challenge if this was to happen would be to change his mind set. That it is possible to cycle extreme distances.

I think there must be lots of hidden talent out there among people that commute to work every day.

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