Rainy season and training

The rainy season is in full swing now. This brings the joys of dodging rain storms and mud puddles. After a dry previous season it is good to have everything green and growing.

Have had some nice training rides in the neighborhood. Here are a few photos.

As cost of labour increases and bigger and bigger tractors are used. Also big farms buy up all the small farmers. There are more and more of these empty home steads dotting the farms. This cannot be seen well in this photo but it is a house datting back to the early 1900’s with a big veranda around house. Rusty roof and large cracks in the walls.

This stop sign reminds me to stay off the tar (paved road). In memory of a fellow Trans-afrika rider. Who was killed in a hit and run accident in Johannesburg. They just had Andrew Bradford’s funeral service last Thursday. May his family and close friends find peace with his passing.

Had some nice early morning rides. They give me a sence of fresh new beginnings. However I do find it tough to get out the house so early.

All this training is for the Capetown tour. I will be riding in the first week March.

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