Trans-Afrika cycle race is now at the door

I have not posted much as training and work have all been demanding their time. Would like to put it out there. I am no speedster. If you would like to track my progress on the Trans-Afrika race that is starting on 3 October 2015. You should download the app. called Nevarest on the google play store. Then select follower and the race. The app should be giving updates on twitter when I pass points of interest. It will also be linked to my Facebook account. You will also be able to log in and follow my progress.

I am no racer. So lets see how I do. I have set a target to finnish the 2800 km in 14 days. That means I will need to do 200 km a day. As in the past the first three days in the saddle are the toughest. These days also carry lots of hills. After that it becomes more routine. With some tough mountain passes like Moteng pass Lesotho. The climb back up the escarpment from Swaziland to the South African interior should also be a challenge. No doubt the stretch from Prince Albert to Cape town should drain the last blood out of the body as lack of sleep and tiered muscles say it is enough.

This is most likely the last post before the race. Hope all the equipment is going to hold out and the creaking body will make it.

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