Tour de dad

I received a request from a family member to see the video of this trip. I see I had not entered it into the page for tour de dad. It was laying in one of the blogs and she could not find it easy. So I have now embedded it into the Tour de Dad page under trips.

Taking a second look at this video brings back memories. It was probably one of the nicest tours I have done. To spend sometime with my best friend, my Dad. At 76 he does not let the world say he must not do something. His health is not all that good but he fights to keep it going. He was in his 20’s when he had his kidney removed. At 40 he ran his first Comrades marathon. He then did 2 more and one of them he got a silver medial. For those of you that do not know. This is a 80 km marathon that has become world renound. He does all this in his own quite way as he has one paralyzed vocal cord from childhood. Not many children can say they have never heard their dad shout. Thanks Dad.

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