Good strong steel frame

Good strong steel frame is what is needed to face the harsh conditions of Africa. Here is the ride I was tweaking this weekend.

Frans bike labels

  1. Good strong wide saddle for comfort, for long hours in the saddle. No need for cycling pants.
  2. Strong carrier made from a strong 1970 fence dropper. Giving enough strength to load all solar panels and tents needed for the long road.
  3. Big mud guard to keep you clean from mud splatter. Added advantage of keeping carrier load clean from mud.
  4. Back pedal brake to free your hands up for other things like giving road signals and eating.
  5. Good strong bottom bracket that can be stripped and cleaned on the road. Ball bearings can be easy to source anywhere in Africa/India/China.
  6. Rubberised peddles to stop shoes from slipping of in harsh conditions.
  7. Chain guard to stop long pants from getting caught in chain. Added advantage of keeping chain clean from mud and sand.
  8. Dik wheel as we call it in RSA. Thick tyres that can take any road surface. This increases the load capacity to 5 passengers and one driver (As seen in Malawi). For commercial purposes it can carry up to 400kg fertilizer (As seen in Mozambique).
  9. Well shaped handle bars, for agronomic fit of hands. Just take care not to knock knees on bars when taking tight turns this could result in major injuries.
  10. Nice large space for frame bags with double top bars for strength. This can increase capacity of brick load.

Not mentioned before but all this for a really good price. There is also no time wasted waiting for spares. As spares can be sourced on most continents and any rural town. All in all a good all round bike that should be used for any bicycle adventure.

In 1992 I met a Swedish man that had ridden from Switzerland to Kwazulu Natal South Africa in a Year and a half. Stopping at villages and living off the smell of an oil rag. He did this on his steel frame bike. What an adventurer or should I call it an expedition. So no excuses when I am looking for my next riding partner in Africa.Digital Camera

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