2015 tour plan

New year has begun and it is that time of the year when I have to submit my leave plan for the year. Is there anybody out there that would like to do a tour with me? This way we can get our times to come together. This is often the biggest hill to get over. Most times people cannot join you as their time table does not match yours. Unfortunately I am limited in time. I get four weeks a year but also need to spend some time with my family. Thus it would be nice to do a two to three week tour. That is also good for most people who have a real job and family. We cannot all be vagabonds.

The second question would be where to next. People are already asking me where my next crazy adventure will be. Well it could be a pleasure ride or a mad rush to get to a destination, to fit the most amount of km in before the leave runs out. I really enjoyed the slow ride with my Dad last month. To be honest I feel a lot safer on the roads outside South Africa. As the traffic is less and they travel slower. On the other had it my be time to get that book everybody is talking about. Riding the Dragon’s Spine  book uses back roads to travel the length of South Africa. That way we can get away from the traffic.

Well send me a comment or a tweet. Let me know if you available and what tour you would like to do. Then we can start planning.