Joburg 2 East London Safari

Time is running out to get ready for the next trip from Johannesburg to East London in December. Get your gear and ride together.

Leave a comment if you interested in joining me. Or drop a tweet on @kennyfagan.Digital Camera



Joburg 2 East London

Have added more information to the page Joburg 2 East London. Have added a route plan with a link to Google. That way you can zoom in and out to see more details. Route can be changed to meet any needs that may arise.

Joburg 2 East London

Have started a new page on my blog for next trip in December 2014. I am looking for companions to ride with me from Johannesburg to East London (Settlers country). I will be adding more details of the tour from time to time. So keep an eye on this page and send me comments if you are interested in joining me.