Joburg 2 East London

Have added more information to the page Joburg 2 East London. Have added a route plan with a link to Google. That way you can zoom in and out to see more details. Route can be changed to meet any needs that may arise.


Joburg 2 East London

Have started a new page on my blog for next trip in December 2014. I am looking for companions to ride with me from Johannesburg to East London (Settlers country). I will be adding more details of the tour from time to time. So keep an eye on this page and send me comments if you are interested in joining me.

Sondela cycle race weekend

This weekend I rode the Sondela Bela Bela challenge which is a road race. Did 102 km in 4 hour 10 min on my mountain bike. This is my personal best for a tar road surface. This was my second race that I have ever done. To busy riding to take photos on the road. Here is a after photo.


Then did the Sondela Bela Bella mountain bike experience of 40 km. This was my first mountain bike race. The course was flat snaking around in the African bush of the Nature reserve. Passing many wild animals on the way but was to busy negotiating the turns and sandy sections that I did not see any. This is a very well known reserve where you are allowed to do walking trails and cycling on your own. So I would recommend to come back and do the cycle routes at a much slower pace. They only have lions in a rehabilitation center.Well here is a photo of people gearing up and getting bikes ready outside the venue.


Note the save the rhino shirt. Here is a photo of the start.


Again was to busy negotiating the trail to take photos but here are some after photos. Must say the mountain bike riders are more friendly and laid back than the road riders.

20140518_110206 20140518_110150


Finished the race in 2 hours and 10 minute time.This is unofficial at this time but is close enough for me. Here are the two medals to prove it.



Is there anybody that has done this race and what do you think of it?


I see the correct spelling is Nylsvey. Looking back at my last post, I see that there was not much of an explanation on what Nylsvley is. It is a 40 km square nature reserve that is considered to be one of the worlds birding hot spots. There are also some antelope species, zebra and giraffe not to mention all the small little creatures. I have been told to be careful, as there might be crocodile that washed down stream from a crocodile farm. I do not know how true that is. Lucky for me it is in my bicycle training area. It is only 40 km from my house. One vet that visits my farm says he normally sees 160 plus bird species for a day. Well I am not such a birder as he is. You can find out more about Nylsvley at

Thought to add a few photos of back at work on the farm after weekend.


Bonsmara cows and calves on the farm


Good old faithful tractor that keeps farm going.


Took a ride up to Nylsvlei Nature reserve this weekend. I left my bicycle at the restaurant and my stepson left his motor bike there also. We took a walk in the reserve to do some birding.

20140503_113425 20140503_113439



Lunch rest after a long walk


Breakfast the next morning.


Camp from another angle.


Camped the night at the farm where I live.


Had a good ride in some nice hills of the Waterberg. Did 220 km all together. That is counting 105 km from the Nylstroom side down a fair amount of dirt road. Some stony stretchers and other sandy patches.20140418_054412 20140418_054357









Then there was about 18 km  riding around the farm.20140420_07165920140419_001207

Came back home past Naboomspruit and Cresy.


Down hill to Naboomspruit. With Springbok flats stretching out in the distance

Was very disappointed to see the tar road that was ripped up by a contractor who ran out of money or was it ran away with the money. Ripped the tar road up in about 2011 has not even been taken to court or the government has not got another contractor to retar the road. There is about 5 km of dirt road now. It used to be one of the main roads to transport grain, fertilizer and other goods out and in of the Springbok flats. Now transport company’s have to use other longer routes.


Can see what road looked like before it was ripped up. This piece of road was left untouched


Road after been ripped up.

Cannot say too much about the fishing. Did not even get a bite. We tried all different baits, worms and lures.

20140418_085405 20140419_010534 20140418_231220 20140420_092322

As can be seen from the pictures it was in a lovely setting. The winter temperatures are on their way in. Night was a little cool (6 degrees celsius) and day time temperature going up to 30 degrees celsius.


Well there are lots of nice off-road places in the Waterberg. Game farming is reclaiming the bush and cultivated lands are returning to bush.


Africa is at Gautengs door step. Malaria free and close to the big cities.



Camping in the Waterberg

On my bicycle for the long weekend to another farmers farm in the Waterberg. Plan is to cycle there and do some fishing and camping for the weekend. Then ride back home on Monday. Not to many km for the weekend. It should be about 160 km. Will get a chance to test the heart rate monitor out on a longer road. Will be interesting to see what it does to my over all time and different terrain covered.

My step son and his wife will be going on his motor bike. Well it promises to be a bit of a caveman weekend. No shaving and just hanging out by the fire and river.

Will bring back some pictures of Africa and life in the outdoors of South Africa. Looking at posting again on Tuesday next week.

Africa does it right

I got this on face book and thought this is exactly what I have seen in Africa. Rest of the world thinks they have the answers for Africa but they do not look at their own problems. I have seen happier children with less psychological problems and drug problems in the rural areas where I have cycled. The children are far more active and have less health problem. I realize they have a higher death rate in ages younger than 5 years however this is only because they do not have access to health care and are exposed to tropical diseases.


Settler to Belmoral

I did not post a post this weekend as I took a long weekend to visit my sister. I did 332 km by bicycle for the weekend.I will post a few photos.


Had to cross a few mud puddles. I landed up been covered in mud. Some were a foot deep.


I will not try my luck going through this fence, if there are lions in this game farm.


Stopped to take photos


No doubt they are serious. Just wonder how this sign will help in court if they did shoot a person


Highveld of South Africa. My view at lunch time.


Highveld. My lunch time view.


Bicycle also had to take a rest at lunch time.

The weather was good and the wind favored me. On the way there I managed to cut an hour off my best time and did 166 km in 9 hours 10 minutes. The way back is more down hill and managed to cut 1 and half hours off best time, came in at 8 hours 40 minutes for the 166 km.

Cape Argus cycle tour

What a nice weekend I had. Rode my first ever cycle race. The Cape Argus cycle tour is the biggest timed race in the world. There was over 36000 entrance. 31046 finished within the cut off time. It takes place on the Southern tip of Africa. Starting and finishing in Cape town. Route is 109 km passing through some of the most scenic parts on the cape peninsular. Having lots of hills and sometimes strong winds. Locals line the streets and encourage you on your way.


Cyclists waiting in check in holding area


Adriaan and I at the check in holding area


Behind me at start


In front of me at start. This is the OA starting group